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Introducing the Future of Flexible & Adaptive Learning.

Enabling students to master courses on their own schedule.

A Revolutionary Way for Students to Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

QAS FLEX! A program of QAS Academy

What is a QAS FLEX Course?

Designed with flexibility in mind.

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Flexible Curriculum

  • No set login times.

  • 24/7 access to complete course work at a time that fits the family schedule.

  • All content housed online and arranged logically in modules.


Flexible Support

  • Dedicated teacher to deliver live recorded classes.

  • Dedicated virtual assistant tutor to answer any questions from the students and to keep the learner accountable.

  • Dedicated Personalized Education Coach (PEC) to ensure that your student remains engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.

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Flexible Parent

  1. Parent-Driven Scheduling: Choose when and where your child learns, with access to educational resources available 24/7 to fit your family's unique schedule.

  2. Real-Time Progress Tracking: Stay informed with regular updates on your child’s progress, allowing for timely parental involvement in their educational journey.

  3. Support When You Need It: Access to a virtual assistant tutor ensures that parents have support on hand to help their children overcome academic challenges quickly.

All the time.
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Choose Any Time of the Year to Start School.

Rolling Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to know?

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Who will be teaching and holding my child accountable? 

In the QAS Flex program, your student's education and progress are supported by three dedicated professionals:

  1. Course Teacher: This is the primary educator responsible for the curriculum. The course teacher presents the recorded classes that your student will watch. These recordings allow students to learn at on their own schedule while ensuring they receive the same quality instruction as in a traditional classroom.

  2. Virtual Assistant Tutor: This role is crucial for day-to-day support. The virtual assistant tutor is available to answer any questions your student might have about the material and to assist with assignments. This tutor also monitors your student's progress to make sure they are completing their coursework effectively.

  3. Personalized Education Coach (PEC): Meeting once a week in a small group setting, the PEC provides personalized guidance and support. These live sessions are key for addressing individual academic needs, discussing challenges, and setting goals, ensuring that your student remains engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.

Together, these professionals ensure a comprehensive support system that combines high-quality teaching, responsive assistance, and personalized coaching to facilitate a successful and adaptable educational experience in QAS Flex.

What is the cost of attendance? What does the cost cover?

What is the parent's role versus the teacher's role?

In the QAS Flex program, the roles of parents and teachers are distinct yet complementary, each contributing uniquely to the student's educational experience. Here’s a breakdown of each role:

Parent's Role:

  1. Support and Motivation: Parents provide the motivational support needed for students to engage fully with their studies.

  2. Environment Setup: It's up to the parent to ensure that there is a conducive learning environment at home that is quiet and comfortable for study.

  3. Schedule Management: While the program offers flexibility, parents help manage and oversee the student's daily or weekly schedule to ensure that coursework is completed on time.

Teacher's Role:

  1. Content Delivery: Teachers prepare and present the recorded class material that students access as part of their coursework.

  2. Curriculum Development: They design and update the curriculum to ensure it meets educational standards and engages students effectively.

Virtual Assistant Tutor and PEC's Role:

  • Virtual Assistant Tutor: This role involves responding to student inquiries, assisting with academic problems, and ensuring students stay on track with their coursework.

  • Personalized Education Coach (PEC): The PEC meets with students once per week to provide personalized guidance, support academic planning, and help set goals, which is crucial for personal development and academic success.

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